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for product efficacy, new procedures, or regulatory needs

request a clinical study

Clinical studies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and laser companies:


Publication in peer-reviewed medical journals is the gold standard of clinical study validity, and we have over 75 published or presented studies in dermatology journals and conventions around the world.


Unlike a pure laboratory setting, VSRC is also a full dermatological clinic. In addition to patient volume, our innovative, ethical care leads to stronger, more creative research with real-world applications.

VSRC offers either the full-blanket of clinical research testing or contracts for specific purposes.

Study Types:

  • Multiple Subject Usage Test
  • Multiple Subject Patch Test or Photopatch Test
    • Non-comedogenicity Assay
    • Sunscreen factor determination
    • Clinical Studies; Randomized, Double-Blind Efficacy Studies
    • In Vitro and In Vivo studies
  • Customized studies based on client or original protocol



Study Purposes:

  • Cosmetic Regulatory clearances in various countries
  • Submission for publication in peer-reviewed journals
  • Presentation at dermatology conventions

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